Capital Improvements

Capital improvements are projects that increase the capital value of the infrastructure of the City.  At the City of Victorville, staff designs projects dealing with roadways, storm drainage systems, sewer systems, and water supply systems. For larger and/or more complex projects that require specialized expertise, the City will use outside consultants to prepare the design.

The City Council approves a new capital improvement program (CIP) each year. The CIP contains more projects than can be completed by staff for any given year and are therefore carried into the next year.  The projects in the 2013/2014 CIP that are currently active are:

Projects in Design

Currently Advertised Projects

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Bear Valley Road at BNSF Bridge Widening
Description:  Widen bridge and approaches for wider lanes and shoulders.  Add a second left-turn lane for Ridgecrest Road. 
Complete Env Doc - June 2014,Complete PS&E & R/W – March 2015,Advertise and award – May 2015, Begin Construction – June 2015,Complete Construction – March 2016
Budget:  Design only - $707442 (Federal Bridge Highway Program Grant with City matchin funds)
Project Contact
Brian Gengler, (760) 955-5156

Greentree Blvd. Extension
Description:  Construct new road between Hesperia Rd. and Ridgecrest/Yates Road.  Construct new bridge over BNSF Railroad.
Schedule: See Fact Sheet
:  Design only - $2.9 Million (100% federal demonstration grant)

Project contactHiram Houck, (760) 243-6351

La Mesa Road from Peña Road to Cantina Drive & Traffic Signal at La Mesa & US 395
Description: Construct a new roadway and Traffic Signal at US 395.
Schedule: Advertisement begins in late Fall 2014
Budget: $1,194,927
Project contact
Stephan Longoria, (760) 243-1946

Mojave Drive/Cobalt Traffic Signal
Description: Install new signals at intersection of Mojave Drive & Cobalt Road.
Schedule: Advertising to begin early Spring 2014
Budget: $250k, funded by City and Adelanto School District
Project Contact
Greg Heldreth, (760) 243-1946

Small Diameter Pipe Replacement - Old Town Victorville
Description: Ongoing replacement of older small problematic water lines through the city's distribution system.
Schedule:  Advertise Spring 2014
Budget: $243,990.21
Project contact
Frank Echeverria, (760) 243-2743

Bear Valley Road from Amethyst to Paicoima
Description: Construct new sidewalk in the gap between La Petite Academy and Chipotle restaurant on the north side of Bear Valley Road along Oro Grande Wash.  Also includes installing a new storm drain, repairing spot improvements in badly deteriorated areas between Amethyst and Paicoima Roads. 

Schedule: Advertisement begins in Spring 2014
Budget: $660,000
Project contact
Hiram Houck, (760) 243-6351

National Trails Highway Bridge over the Mojave River
Description: Replace the existing bridge.  Project will require a consultant to perform environmental documentation and preliminary engineering prior to the design and HBP grant.
Schedule: Submit application to Caltrans HQ in April 2014
Budget: $194,000
Project contact
Hiram Houck, (760) 243-6351

Description: Construct a 4-mile long Class 1 bike route along the Mojave River from Bear Valley Road to Mojave Narrows Regional Park.  Project includes construction of a parking lot and ampitheater near the College.
Schedule: Construction to Begin Summer 2015
Budget: $2,700,000
Project contactHiram Houck, (760) 243-6351

Channel Erosion at Various Locations
Description: Repair channel erosion at Turner Wash downstream of Air Expressway and at Oro Grande Wash downstream of Seneca Road.
Schedule: Advertisement begins in Spring 2014
Budget: $175,000
Project contact
Hiram Houck, (760) 243-6351

El Evado Road Widening
Description: Widen the northbound side of El Evado Road between Hook Boulevard and Mojave Drive
Schedule: Undetermined
Budget: $153,500 (Construction Cost Only)
Project contact
Hiram Houck, (760) 243-6351

Airport Ramp Rehabilitation, Phase 2
Second phase of repairs and joint-sealing of main cargo ramp at SCLA.
Schedule:  Advertise in Spring 2014
Budget: $1,270,000
Project contact
Victor Fajardo,
(760) 243-6311

Projects in Construction

Hesperia Road from Bear Valley to Nisqualli
Description:  Grind existing pavement and overlay with asphalt concrete. 
ScheduleClick here for project schedule.
Budget:  $800,000
Project Contact
James Williamson, (714) 720-7445, Jeremiah Brooks, (714) 578-9607, Todd Roper, (714) 720-7419

SCLA Fuel Farm Phase-2
Description: Construct 4,000-foot jet fuel pipeline and remote refueling rack.
:  Bid Opening February 27, 2014
Budget: $602,222
Project contact
Victor Fajardo, (760) 243-6311

Runway 3/21 Reconstruction, Phase 1 
First phase of reconstruction of the airport 10,000-foot runway, shoulders, lighting, and connecting taxiway.
Expected construction complete, July 2014
Budget: $354,892
Project contact:
Victor Fajardo, (760) 243-6311

If you need construction staking, please download the Survey/Construction Staking Request Fillable Form.

Projects Recently Completed

Seneca Road from Hesperia Road to Woodland Drive
Description: Construct a new roadway.
Schedule: Schedule construction complete, February 2014
Budget: $247,417
Project Contact
Stephan Longoria, (760) 243-1946

Small Diameter Pipe Replacement - Mountain View Acres Area
Description: Ongoing replacement of older small problematic water lines through the city's distribution system.
Schedule:  Construction Completed September, 2013
Construction Budget: $243,990.21
Project contact
Frank Echeverria, (760) 243-2743 

Valley Center Drive - Phase 2
Description: Reconstruct and realign Valley Center Drive from Lorene Drive to 200' north of 7th Street.
Schedule: Construction completed on August 9, 2013
Construction Cost: $605,601.38
Project Photos

Water Zone 3170 Conversion Project
Water main and valve installation on Seneca Road to implement pressure zone changes needed per the city master water plan.
Schedule: Construction Completed September, 2013
Construction Budget: $311,810.07
Project contact
Frank Echeverria, (760) 243-2743

Large Distribution Main Construction - Seneca/Cobalt
Description: Relocate water main so a San Bernardino County Flood Control District culvert can get installed.
Scheduled:  Construction completed early November, 2013
Construction Budget: $199,796.98
Project contact
Frank Echeverria, (760) 243-2743

La Mesa Road Traffic Signals
Description: Install new signals at intersection of La Mesa Road with Del Gado, El Evado & Paicoma Roads with interconnect conduit to Amethyst Road.
Schedule: Complete May 2014
Budget: $1.2 Million, funded by federal and state grants
Project Contact
Greg Heldreth, (760) 243-1946

Answers to Questions about the CIP

Some of the roads I drive on need work.  When is the City going to repair these roads?
The roadways included in the CIP are based on a combination of degree of degradation and traffic volume.  Roadways receive a pavement condition index (PCI) rating ranging from 0 to 100, where 0 is a road that has totally failed and 100 is a brand new roadway in ideal condition.  While we would like to be able to fix all the roadways with a rating lower than 70, the budget only allows us to fix the highest priority projects in any given fiscal year based on a mathematical formula using the PCI rating and volume of traffic.  If your problem is minor, such as a pothole for example, you may contact our Maintenance Division at (760) 243-6365.

When is the CIP created and who makes the decision?
The CIP is approved on an annual basis by the City Council.  The proposed CIP is created by the 
City Engineer around March to May for presentation to the City Council for the following fiscal year (July 1 to June 30).

How soon after you begin advertising a project does construction actually begin?
Typically, construction begins about two months after advertising begins.

I'm having an issue with a contractor performing work near my home/business but cannot find the project listed here.  Who do I call?
Not all construction projects within City right-of-way are funded by the City.  Utility companies and private development frequently perform work within our right-of-way with an encroachment permit from the Engineering Division.  Call (760) 955-5158 to report an issue and we will look into it.

How do I get a copy of the CIP?
You can download a copy of the CIP by clicking in the hyperlink in the second paragraph of this page.

Got more Questions?  Send an e-mail to the Webmaster.




Department Contacts 

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